Submission of all free paper abstracts to the 12th PIT IKA – 8th APPS is done online via the official website www.pitika-apps2023.com

  1. Abstract senders must first register as the 12th PIT IKA – 8th APPS participants before submitting an abstract.
  2. Participants who have registered will receive information to log into the website to submit an abstract.
  3. The deadline for abstract submission is 15 August 2023 at 23.59 WIB. Late breaking abstract is now open until 29 August 2023 at 23.59 WIB.
  4. The submitted abstract must be written in WORD DOCUMENT with times new roman 12 letters, using the writing format determined by the committee (see Abstract Format section).
  5. Participants must choose one of the topics from the available abstract topic categories (see the Abstract Topics section).
  6. The committee DOES NOT ACCEPT abstract submissions via WhatsApp and Email.
  7. Abstracts that have been accepted by the Committee cannot be changed.
  8. The sender of the abstract must be responsible and guarantee that all authors have known and agreed to the contents of the abstract before sending it to the committee.
  9. Submitting abstracts via the website will be declared successful if the abstract sender receives an auto-email notification stating that the abstract has been successfully submitted and received well by the Committee.
  10. The selected abstract senders will be asked to be physically present (offline presentation) to present their abstract in the form of an oral presentation or e-poster.


Presentation Type

  1. Abstracts must be original and have never been published or presented at other scientific meetings before the 12th PI TIKA – 8th
  2. Abstracts will be selected by the Scientific Committee based on the chosen topic.
  3. ALL Abstracts that are accepted by the Committee will be presented in an Oral Presentation or E-Poster Form.



All Abstracts are prepared in ENGLISH with clear and accurate grammar and spelling and according to quality for publication and presented in BAHASA INDONESIA. All abstracts on the topic of respirology/APPS will be presented in ENGLISH.


Abstract’s Title

  1. The title of the abstract is written in bold (bold).
  2. The title of the abstract is written starting with a capital letter on the first letter of each word except for prepositions, without a dot at the end, and without underscores (example: Incontinentia Pigmenti Misdiagnosed as A Common Skin Problem in Children)
  3. Abstract titles are limited to 20 words.


Abstract Content

  1. The author’s name and affiliation are typed after the abstract title in non-capital letters, without titles and positions.
  2. The name of the main researcher/author is written in bold (Bold) and the name of the presenter is underlined.
  3. Name of the institution and city of origin is written as affiliation.
  4. Maximum number of words in the abstract (not including title & keywords): 250 words.
  5. If there are pictures, tables, and graphs, they must be displayed in JPEG format.
  6. Trade and industry names are not permitted to be mentioned in the abstract.
  7. Keywords are a maximum of 5 words.


Abstract Structure for Scientific Research

The content of the research abstract consists of four main paragraphs which briefly explain as follows:

  1. BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE: Briefly state why this research was conducted.
  2. METHODOLOGY: Stating the research method design, and statistical analysis carried out.
  3. RESULTS: Confirm or disprove the hypothesis, supported by statistics (if applicable).
  4. CONCLUSION: State the conclusions and influence of research results on future patient care steps, or their impact on understanding the basic processes.


Abstract Structure for Case Reports

The abstract submission for the case report consists of 3 main paragraphs which briefly explain the following:

  1. BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE: State why this case is important to report, its novelty, and its clinical implications.
  2. CASE: Explanation of the case.
  3. CONCLUSION: A brief summary of the clinical implications of the case, suggestions for clinical application, precautions to be taken, or topics of further research required.


There are several categories of abstract Topics at 12th PIT IKA – 8th APPS that can be selected when submitting abstracts online through the official website, as follows:

  1. Allergy Immunology
  2. Cardiology
  3. Endocrinology
  4. Pediatric Imaging
  5. Gastrohepatology
  6. Infection & Tropical Disease
  7. Respirology / APPS
  8. Collegium
  9. Miscellaneous


  1. Abstracts selected as a result of the Committee’s selection and declared entitled to be presented on lecture presentation (Free Paper) will be officially announced via email to the abstract sender.
  2. The abstract’s presenting author must be a registered participant and is expected to attend the 12th PIT IKA – 8th APPS in person.



Thank you for sending your e-poster for the 12th PIT IKA – 8th APPS. For any questions please contact us through email: scientific@pitika-apps2023.com

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