The poster is a clear visual presentation of the submitted abstract and must meet the following criteria:

E-Poster title

The poster title must be the same as the abstract title submitted.

E-poster size and format

  1. Poster Size and format: 16:9 widescreen in PORTRAIT orientation.
  2. Number of slide: 1 (one).
  3. Please note the copyright issues of the photos used when creating the poster
  4. The top of the poster (Title) must display in bold 18 size, while author name, affiliation, and content of the poster are adjusted.


  1. Please use uppercase and lowercase for general content.
  2. Make sure the poster color contrasts between the text color and the poster background to make it easier to read.
  3. Text in ENGLISH with clear and accurate grammar and spelling and according to quality for publication.

Content of Poster

  1. Make sure the text on the background, methods, results, and conclusions is easy to read.
  2. E-posters must have clear and easy-to-understand messages.


  1. Illustrations are the most important part of the poster and will attract the most attention. The most readable colourful charts and graphs. Explanations with illustrations are used instead of text whenever possible.
  2. Use only static images and don’t include any video or animation in your poster.
  3. Take advantage of the space on your poster as creatively and attractively as possible. Make sure the pictures are easy to understand.


  1. Make sure that you have received an official notification vie email from the Committee stating that the abstract has been received and will be display in the type of e-poster presentation.
  2. The secretariat will prepare a special link designated for sending the e-poster file.
  3. The period for sending e-poster files will take place in the first week of September 2023.
  4. E-poster should be sent individually of each abstract. The Committee does not accept e-poster submission in groups.


Thank you for sending your e-poster for the 12th PIT IKA – 8th APPS. For any questions please contact us through email: scientific@pitika-apps2023.com

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